Saturday, April 12, 2008

Home Again, Home Again.....

Well Hubby and I went on a much needed and deserved vacation. We got back a week ago, but it already feels like longer. I always get a little down when I come home from Mexico. I don't know if it's the traveling or that I just like it there so much I'm not ready to come back to reality. We went to a little resort just south of Mazatlan called Estrella Del Mar. It has 3 1/2 miles of private beach, nice little villas and a gorgeous golf course. We don't golf, but this place sure makes you want to learn how! We just spent most of our time relaxing, walking and enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean. It was so peaceful and soothing we could have easily spent another week there. Next time we are definitely going to stay longer. Here are some pictures to whet your appetite. I wish I knew how to put the sound of the ocean in with them. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

A pretty shot of the beach
The golf course
Some little friends stopping by, isn't the orange one beautiful!
And a breath taking sunset behind the palm trees.

Ahh Mexico