Friday, September 26, 2008

Hooked On These Books

So I was in Walmart a few weeks back just kind of browsing around the book section cause I wanted something to read. I was thinking maybe a Romance, you know the kind, just something entertaining and mindless that you don't have to think about. When I happened to come across this. "Breaking Dawn"

It was in the teen section but it caught my eye and I picked it up and read the inside cover. It looked good, however, it was the fourth book in a series. So I looked around some more but they didn't have any of the previous books. (Bummer) Well I decided I wanted to read this Saga from the beginning and ended up buying all four books from Amazon. Yes it was kind of an impulse buy, but it ended up being well worth it. Since I started the first book "Twilight"I was hooked.

I quickly read it, then the second "New Moon"
and am now almost finished with the third.

I actually go to bed at 9:00 so I can read for an hour, ( or two as sometimes happens.) Oh yea, It,s a romance story between a high school girl and a vampire. Perfect for this time of year as Halloween approaches. There are also Werewolves. As I mentioned it is a teen book, so it's very clean. No sex or bad language. Which actually I wouldn't mind if there was a little sex, I need all the help I can get cause I'm 45 years old, pre-menopausal, and married for 25 years, ( if you get my drift here). But none the less, it is a great story, filled with a lot of suspense and wonderful characters. It was also made into a movie, I believe it's coming out November 21st. I'm not sure if I will want to see it though, Movies from books are usually a disappointment. (Like, The Devil Wears Prada)

So if you like this kind of thing I highly recommend these books.
For more info check out the web site:
If you have already read them, let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from you.

Here's to happy reading!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Little More

Here is another one of my favorite color combos:
Pink and green, LOVE this room, so cozy and romantic.

And how about this Nursery, So pretty and girly!

Well I tried to make one of those picture mosaics on Flickr but it wouldn't come out right. I had some more pictures of fun Pink and Black that I wanted to share. So if you'd like a peek just scroll down to my Flickr and you can see them there.

Here is more Halloween that will be going to my Etsy soon. I've had so much fun making these and am so happy with how they turned out it's going to be hard to part with some of it. Enjoy!

Have a Spook-tacular Day!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yours for only 3.6Million

Wow! I LOVE this Apartment... Too bad I don't have an extra 4 Million lying around somewhere. Pink and Black are one of my favorite color combinations, I had a lot of it in my old house, not so much in the new one but I'm really missing it. HMMM maybe time to do some redecorating?
I found this by Googling the word Pink. Just thought I'd share.
Click on the link below to see the whole thing.
Have a Great Day!

Betsey Johnson - Pink Apartment

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