Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remodel Revealed

Hi Y'all,
Well here are some pictures of part of the big remodel. This was the room that was intended to be the dining room. It is not very big, and is right as you come in the front door. Our kitchen eating area is much larger so we never used this as a dining room anyway. Well Hubby decided to turn it into a little living room where he can go to read and maybe listen to music. So here we go......

First of all he added the french doors and the molding, this was just an opening before.

I painted the inside a color called Aztec Brick, it is really a warm cozy color. It looks better in person, the pictures make it too orange.

Every thing in here has been recycled from other parts of the house. We just got a new blind for the window. As you can see I haven't really done any decorating yet, and I need to put up some kind of window covering. Most of the things in here will be Hubby's so it's not going to be foo-fee at all
Here is looking out the doors to the stairs.
We also dry walled over the opening that went into the kitchen, and made a pantry in that spot.
I will have to take pictures of that as well.

So that's what we've been up to.

Now I need to tackle my craft room, again, YIKES!
Have a great day and Safe New Year's Eve!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Christmas

Well we had a quiet Christmas this year. Just dinner at our house with my in-laws and sister in-law and her husband. We don't have a very big family and usually go to Mexico this time of year, but have been unable to the last few years, and since we were doing some remodeling I didn't decorate very much. I did manage to put out some of my favorite things though.
Here is the Christmas Village we started collecting a few years ago. Hubby really likes it. It's on top of the fireplace.
My bottle brush tree collection, a couple Bethany Lowe pieces, vintage satin ornaments and one of my Christmas Cottages.
And a few things I put on a little table and the wall as you go into the kitchen. ( the thermostat kind of ruins the decor, but I tried to work around it :)

So there is my Little Christmas this year. Hope yours was Merry and Bright.

Until next time,

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Making Merry

Hope everyone is having a great week. We finally got the room done we were remodeling and now I am trying to decorate it. It is for Hubby so I am putting all the stuff he likes in there. And I actually got a little Christmas Decor up as well. I will have pictures later of everything. For now I just want to show one thing I managed to do.
This is a house I bought at my Friend Kim's store.
It is a cute sparkly white church covered in glitter and snow.
Well when I got it home I decided it needed to be Foo Feed up, so here is the after.

I am really loving the Turquoise this year.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Talk to ya soon


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree?

Well, we have been so busy remodeling the house that I have'nt had much time for crafting or Blogging. And since everything is torn up I haven't yet decorated or put up a tree. I blame my husband because it was his idea to all this right now ;) He gets very bored as soon as the weather starts turning cold and he can't be outside working on things. Very type A personality. So I really hope to get a lot done this weekend so I can finally decorate. (We'll see). Any how, let me direct you to a fun blog where you can get all kinds of free holiday graphics to play with. This is where I got this tree. (It's supposed to be animated but didn't come out right ) Lot's of fun stuff here.

Have Great Weekend!