Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nothing New

I've been a bad girl,(or should I say boring). There is really nothing new. We have just been doing stuff around the house mostly to get ready for Thanksgiving cause it's at our house this year. So my Hubby is on the war path to make sure everything is perfect. (You'd think he was the wife.)
So therefore, I haven't got a lot of creative work done except a couple of scarfs I've been knitting to put on Etsy. (no pictures yet though).

Thanks to everyone who wrote and gave me some picture advice. I think I got some of the problem fixed. I found out I can adjust the levels in my photo program and it really helped so now I'm trying to change some of my not so great pictures with the fixed ones. It takes a lot of time, but things are pretty slow right now at my day job so I can do a lot of computer work there. Good thing I work for Family eh.

I also added the Blogs of my swap partners to my Favorites list. These are some really great and talented ladies. Can't wait to see what they all made for their Pink Ornaments.

Talk to ya soon.

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