Thursday, November 29, 2007

November's Gone

Wow, I can't believe November is gone already, it just flew by!
Next Wednesday I'm going on my first business trip ever. I'm going to Minnesota for a class on Alan Block retaining wall.
(We sell landscape materials, like retaining wall and pavers.) Sounds real exciting huh? lol. But, I do get to go to the Mall of America, we'll be staying across the street from it. My boys are really jealous (about the Mall of course,not the classes). So I told them I'd take lots of pictures for them and maybe bring them something. I'll only be there 2 nights, probably not near enough time to see everything, but it will still be fun to get away. This will be the first time I've gone anywhere by myself for the last 24 years, kind of weird.

In other news I posted a new knitted scarf on Etsy and bought a showcase spot for tomorrow, we'll see how it goes.

See ya soon,
Tracy M.


Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Tracy,
I love the ornament that you made for
the swap it is so pretty and my favorite color. I am still working on mine. I will try and get your crown out to you sometime next week.
It has been crazy around here. I have
been hauling kids around alot lately and there is a giveaway for a trip to
Mall of America, my girls have always
wanted to go there too. How fun for you. Enjoy Pinkie Denise

laissezfaire said...

Hi Tracy, thank you soo much for your comments on my very first pattern shown at laissezfaire! I tried the pink and the lime like you suggested and it looks great! I also just had a bit of fun photoshopping the patterns into possible applications. =))