Monday, January 21, 2008

Studio Redo

Okay, so yesterday I started to reorganize and clean up my craft room, again. I've already done this a couple of times, but can't seem to get enough storage space. The problem is that we moved to this house four years ago and my new craft room is about half the size of my old one. I had a really big center island cabinet that was great for cutting out patterns and held tons of stuff. My sewing machine was on one side of it along with shelves that held all my fabrics. And one wall was lined with cabinets and had a work counter and peg board to hang all kinds of things on. I also had a store room to hold all the overflow. Ah memories.

So then we moved to our new house. I had my stuff set up in a corner of our unfinished basement. Not very condusive to my creativity, so for a couple of years I didn't get to do much. Then when we decided to finish the basement, most of my things went to storage. (and a lot of them are still there)
Well we finished the basement making a bigger bedroom for my college age son, a new bathroom and a small living area, along with a couple of storage closets. It is totally the man-cave now.

I then took over my son's old bedroom to make my own little art haven. Problem is, small room, too much stuff. So I am forever trying to cram it all in and still make it look nice.

Here are the before pictures. I will post the after when I am done.
Wish me luck,


Simply Me Art said...

Great Job and are you Lucky. I wish I had a room to make my jewelry! It really does help with the creativity... Jamie

Missy said...

can't wait to see the after shots! I struggle with storage too because I have a okay size room, but I moved the home office in here because I was sick of looking at it in the dining room! DUMMMMY move! LOL! Happy late birhtday! Hope it was a good one!

Sharon Stevens said...

This is nothing compared to what my room looks like! OMG! I need some serious organizing and purging.