Monday, January 19, 2009

No Snow Monday and A Givaway

So last Monday it was snowing, today it is going to be 66 degrees or so. It's that crazy Colorado weather at work again.
So.......getting to the goodies,
There is a great event going on that I just found out about called One World One Heart, where many bloggers around the world participate and give something away to those that leave comments on their blogs. I just found out about it so was too late to join, but in the Spirit of the event I would like to participate on my own.

Here is my item for the giveaway.....

This it one of the cottages I made for Christmas but didn't get done in time to post in my Etsy. So just leave me a comment and I will pick a winner on Saturday.
Also check out the One World-One Heart blog for a list of all the wonderful participants from across the globe.

Cheers to you,


Anonymous said...

Oh gotta love giveaways! This little cottage that you made is adorable. Sign me up!

Also, wanted to let you know your link is finally working on my blog roll! Hope you are having a great day. :-)

rochambeau said...

Would love to move into your pretty little cottage Tracy!! It looks delicious!

Happy OWOH day!


Valarie said...

Hi Miss your little house!!! When are we going to craft together?? Valarie said...

I'm crazy about sweet little cottages. That is a cute one!

LaurenFaythe said...

How cute is that little cottage?Finally found another Coloradoan! I didn't think any existed in blogworld! Thanks for visiting and saying hi - have a great weekend!

The Joy of Nesting said...


Lisa doesn't have you on the list of blogs. Did you send her your link so she can post it, so people know to come by visit your blog and sign up for your give away??

If you need any help or information here is my email address docpattie@gmail,com.

Pattie ;)
Maztlan Mexico

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Oh sooooooooo cute!!! Add me please. And welcome to STJ :) Ya!

Kristal said...

Is this your giveaway or the glittery cone? I love this one too! If I can, I would like to enter for this one also :0)