Monday, March 9, 2009

Not That Bad

Ok, so I guess my last post was a little cryptic. Denver isn't all that bad and there really are some lovely places here and in the mountains. I think I am just having a bad case of Spring fever, and we have had a really dry winter so I'm ready for some green.

Just to show another view of Denver, here is a picture of City Park looking towards the downtown area, and the mountains off to the west.
Of course this is in Summer, right now it is brown and dead.

Now on to something else that's pretty. I wanted to show one of my favorite Artists. Well two artists really, the husband and wife team of
Cart Before The Horse.

I have been following them for quite some time on E Bay and just recently found out they have a blog. This is one of their items on E Bay right now. I just love it!

I would love to bid on it, but just paid my son's tuition for the semester so I'm tapped out right now. That doesn't keep me from window shopping though. Check their other items out too, they are awesome.


1 comment:

Jo James said...

I know those cats!
Thanks for featuring us on your blog :)
And thanks for all the sweet words!