Friday, October 19, 2007

First Ever Blog

Here is my first ever blog. I'm pretty new to all this blog stuff. I just opened my first website and am still working out the bugs. I'm still trying to figure out how to get links on it and stuff like that, but it's going O.K. and I'm really learning a lot, even if it is the hard way by trial and error (LOL)

So for my first blog ever just let me say I'm very inspired by so many women that I have found by linking from one Blog to another and I hope to someday be as successful as they are .
Right now I work full time at my in laws business and have for the last four and a half years since closing my store. It's not really my bag, I'm stuck in an office most of the time and rarely get to to out at all during the day and I really miss the creativity of the store. So now I am trying to get going on the WWW and hope that if all goes well I can stay home and just create my things and make some money doing it.

So to end my first ever blog I will now attempt to download some pictures of my now closed little store to give you a sense of my style (and show some of the things I still need to get rid of).

Thanks for listening and hope you come again
Tracy M.

Yay, it worked, but the pictures were supposed to be after the writing. Oh well, better luck next time. Bye


Holiday Queen said...

Congratulations Tracy! Welcome to blogland. Your creations are delightful! Much success! Melissa

Simply Me Art said...

Lovely Blog. I really like your Etsy also. Nice to meet you. Jamie

Laurie said...

I would have loved to visit your store! It looks like a place I could find lots of pretty things.


Anonymous said...

I am loving your stuff!!!! your store is sooo awesome!!!