Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wednesday Craft Night

Well craft night last Wednesday went pretty well. It was our second get together of our weekly craft-a-thon. We decided to make decorative cones for Easter. However, we were late getting started and weren't able to completely finish our projects. I also didn't do a very good job of photographing what we were doing, but I managed to get a few pictures.

First we painted our cardboard cones light pink, then waited for them to dry, and waited.........and waited........and waited.........

When they were finally dry we applied a vintage Easter Graphic to the cone.

Then we brushed watered down elmer's glue and sprinkled with pretty crystal glitter. Then we waited for them to dry. and waited..............and waited............and waited..........

And by this time is was getting late and we were getting tired. So we decided to finish our projects at home. Here is how mine turned out.

I put some sparkled trim around the lip and bottom and tied some green vintage seam binding to make the hanger. Then filled with pink paper filler. Now it just needs some candy in it.

Hmmm, my camera has the wrong date on it for some reason, just noticed that.

So there it is. The big project. Hope you enjoyed my first little crafting journey. I will work on improving the quality of post and pictures.

Until next time,
Happy Crafting


Holiday Queen said...

Hi Tracy! Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Looks like craft night was a success. Great Easter cone!

M&Co said...

Oh this is gorgeous! Love it!
I'm sorry, but I'm having big trouble with my yahoo mail, and I cannot find your adress information for THe Easter Bunny's Chicks Easter swap. Could you please resend? Sorry for the inconvinience!