Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Late Halloween

Yea I know I'm late. (Story of my life). Any way it's never really too late for Halloween is it? I mean some artists and collectors do Halloween all year long. Besides I still have my decorations up so I thought I would share them just in case you didn't get enough yet. Some I made and others are from other Artists and things I bought.

This is the display above the fireplace. Sorry the pictures are so dark, there is not much natural light in this room.

Close up of top of shelf. I glittered the skull.

I love these August Moon figures

The skull with the crown is mine.

Here is a bigger guy that I glittered and made a crown for.

And this one got a witch hat.

I usually leave Halloween up til Thanksgiving and then start putting up Christmas right after.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Christmas preview coming soon!

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sherry smyth said...

Loved your Halloween decor!!